Christina Baldwin


Christina Baldwin

Feasting is Biblical!

There are many unknown factors coming in the next few weeks. But one thing we can all be sure about is that we are going to encounter A LOT of food! As we talked about with Blakely on Episode 11, food is a very loaded (no pun intended) subject!

Let’s begin by looking at what the Lord says about feasting. 

Take a look at Nehemiah 8:2-10

Upon the reading of the law, the peoples’ response was grief, but the Lord’s command to them was to rejoice! Jesus is into choice foods and sweet drinks. Hooray! This reminds us of another story, involving Peter and Jesus. Read Luke 5:4-8.

Sometimes when we are looking into the mystery and wonder of our Lord, or when we see His kindness and abundant provision, it shines a light on our heart and we become aware of things that are shameful and cause us grief. Our response is to withdraw from Him, but the Lord’s response to us is never one of rejection or condemnation, but one of such gentleness and kindness. He embraces us and calls us to a higher place! He says, “You don’t have to be afraid; I have something better for you.”

1. Do Not Mourn

As you’re approaching holiday feasting, do not mourn. Do not walk in shame or grief. This isn’t the time of year to heap guilt on ourselves and start new diets. (That’s coming in January. Just kidding!) In this season we are called to remember the priceless gift of salvation that came with the birth of Jesus. Feel His delight in you! Nehemiah’s words to his people were to “feast in the presence of the Lord and experience His joy.” Let us purpose to set aside our self-critiques, self-limiting behaviors, the things that keep us from participating in the joy of the season. Let’s attune to the heart and emotions of God. Let’s hear His voice, encouraging us to rejoice! 

2. Maintain Healthy Rhythms

During this season, maintain your regular healthy diet, do the things you value in your life, whether it’s exercising each day, napping, drinking the appropriate amount of water, or eating gluten-free. Take care of yourself so that when you’re feasting, you can feast with the joy and the pleasure of the Lord. 

3. The Food

If you struggle with an eating disorder or with guilt around your weight, give yourself compassion and ask for help. Talk with your counselor or your group, the people who keep you accountable in your life. And for the rest of us, oh my goodness, practice Self-awareness!

The point of all of this feasting is to enjoy the gift of food, of one another, and to enjoy the Lord and rejoice!

If you’re up having heartburn all night, or if you find that you’re in the bathroom more than in the dining room, it probably means that you need to pay attention to where your body is at. Are you full? Do you know when to stop? Do you need help stopping?

Let’s practice healthy boundaries and communication so that we can have the most enjoyment out of all of this feasting.

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Moolily!