Christina Baldwin

Ep#59 The Worship of Rejoicing

Christina Baldwin
Ep#59 The Worship of Rejoicing

Coming up out of the past few weeks of weighty contemplations, today's podcast soars high into songs of worship and reflections on the freedom we find in rejoicing in the Lord. Rachel Faagutu shares her time, music, laughter and tears as she generously and graciously articulates the reasons why worship sustains our hearts, as well as ways that we can shake off heaviness, from healthy community to serving the hurting.

Rachel is a worship leader and singer/songwriter. Her music is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and in many other places.

All music on today's podcast was used with permission.

Samson. "Over and Over." Let My People Dance. 2006.

Rachel Fa'agutu. "Made to worship." Little Songbirds. 2012

Rachel Fa'agutu. "Near to me." Little Songbirds. 2012 

Wallace Faagutu & Rachel Fa'agutu. "Survival plan." 2009.

Brandon Oaks. Logan Murphy. Rachel Faagutu. "Rejoice." 2019

Rachel Fa'agutu. "Butterfly Song." Little Songbirds 2012.

Forerunner Music & Wallace & Rachel Faagutu. "Let My People Dance."

Onething Version 2017