Christina Baldwin

A New Room

Christina Baldwin
A New Room

By Christina 

This summer has been lovely! We didn’t really go anywhere. We spent loads of time at the pool. I planted flowers and the kids played outside. We had an ambition to eliminate screens, which didn’t quite happen, but we certainly had a whole lot less of them which was so good.

In June we had our MooLily Launch event which, although it was a lot of work (and a fair amount of nerves too, if I’m completely honest,) was so much fun!  It was amazing to see all of the different people from all our different circles that came out to hear what was happening and what the Lord was laying on our hearts for this wonderful journey that is the MooLily Village!

Our listeners are so important to us! We pray for you every week and work hard to plan topics and speakers that are going to connect and validate and empower each person on their journey though life, whatever season they’re in. We consider it a vast privilege and responsibility to speak to such quality individuals. Truly! Women (and men) who are loving the Lord and building their families though the complexities of their own hearts and the brokenness of the whole around us. I love that I get to do this! I feel massively under-qualified to speak to such a group, but here I am!

If anyone is changing the world, one small good choice at a time, I really believe it’s you! 

As we prepared for our event we contemplated how much we really wanted to know what was on your heart…what are the things you are yearning to grown in, to unpack and wrap-up and allow to transform you? What are the things you’re doing on purpose with intentionality, but you’re just not sure if you're doing a good job? 

Since we wanted to know we decided to ask.

At the Launch we handed out little feedback cards with a couple of simple questions, which our guests so graciously took the time to fill out. What was fascinating were the strong themes that emerged; so many people said the same things!

It boiled down to 4 simple questions:

  1. How do I hear Jesus?

  2. How do you parent well? How do you raise kids that love Jesus?

  3. How do I become my true self?

  4. How do I cultivate healthy community in transition?"

We wanted to honor the vulnerable answers that we were given and so, these are the topics that we will be talking about this fall. Obviously, we could produce a whole series on any one of these topics…they are so vast! But, in MooLily fashion, we've handled them the way that we handle all of our series: We ask Jesus for help, find guests of quality and experience, and then take a crack at opening up the conversation around a truly complex issue.

I’m excited to tell all of you that we have recorded with some phenomenal guests ranging from professional therapists to a school principle and pioneer, and even a 91 year old grandmother with the wisdom of the ages.

I want to end this blog and start this series with one thought for you…

In the sacred space of your imagination, picture yourself in a house. (It might be your actual house or another place that is comfortable and you feel safe and at home in.) Now picture yourself in a big chair or sitting on your bed spending time with Jesus. If you’re feeling a little flat, a little distracted or disconnected, a little stuck in your emotions and the same set of struggles you’ve been struggling with for so long…Stand up and walk into a new room where the air is fresh and the light is soft, where the atmosphere is different and you feel warm. Allow the anticipation for connection to raise. You might have to walk up the hallway and try a few doors but Jesus is inviting you to spend time with Him. He enjoys you. He wants to allow you to be seen and feel truly known. He wants to dialog with you about all the deepest things in your heart, those areas and struggles you feel so stuck in.  However big and impossible or small and insignificant your desirers seem, He will journey with you down more than just the road to recovery, but all the way to redemption. 

Today is a new day, a new season and the Lord has good things for you!